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American Association of Geographers (AAG) Annual Meeting 2020 – The Spatial Politics of Governance, Representation, and Migration. Bader AlBader (presenter), University of Michigan, Odessa Gonzalez BensonUniversity of Michigan, Vadim BesprozvanyUniversity of Michigan, Antonio Siciliano, University of Michigan, Elena Godin, University of Michigan, Imed Soltani, Association La Terre Pour TousAt a Loss at the Loss at Sea: The Missing Migrants of the Mediterranean and the (Bermuda) Triangle of Space, Communication, and Justice

Sustainable Development Conference, 2019, Columbia University, New York, USA

Council for Social Work Education Conference, 2019, Denver, Colorado, USA

American Geography Association, 2020, Denver, Colorado, USA

International Association of the Study of Forced Migration IASFM, June 2020 Accra, Ghana

International Sociological Association ASA, July 2020, Porto Alegre, Brazil

International Migration IMISCOE, June 2020, Luxembourg