Dr. Cesar Suva

This is a tribute to the late Dr. Cesar Suva, a colleague, and friend of the University of Michigan.

Most people know him as Cesar or Andoy, the husband, son, brother, cousin, friend, colleague. But he is also Dr. Suva, who earned his PhD in History; Dr. Suva, the intellectual, the historian, the academic, the scholar. We, at the Just Futures Research Collective of the University of Michigan, particularly Professor Odessa Gonzalez Benson, had the experience to work with, partner with and be inspired by Dr. Suva as Vice-President of Research and Development at of The Immigrant Education Society in Calgary, Canada. KEEP READING…


Just Futures is an action research collective on displacement, migration & urban studies. We use diverse methodologies, including participatory approaches, critical policy analyses and arts-based methods, for scholarly inquiry that aims to be relevant, meaningful and transformative.

By bringing the migrant into closer view, our global transdisciplinary research collective aims to help make palpable the intertwining of migration with the histories, structures, policies, and cultural contexts that are at play. The knowledges formed reach towards a more full understanding of the human experience of migration, and the agency and action that accompany it.

Faculty Collaborators

Vadim Besprozvany, U-M School of Information

James Ellis, U-M School of Social Work

Elena Godin, U-M School of Information

Jody Lori, U-M School of Nursing

Alain Mukwege, U-M School of Nursing

Michelle Munro Kramer, U-M School of Nursing