Mieko Yoshihama

2015: Am Journal of Comm Psych: Using Interactive Theater to Create Socioculturally Relevant Community‐Based Intimate Partner Violence Prevention

In this publication, Mieko Yoshihama describes an interactive theater event created to provide community-based bystander interventions for domestic violence. In partnership with a university and its surrounding community, Yoshihama developed and implemented culturally-relevant programs to prevent intimate partner violence using interactive theater. This programming has been used in multiple Asian communities and the resulting interventions reflect the nuanced needs of each community context.

2015: Genderscape

Mieko Yoshihama created a participatory project in northern Japan focusing on women affected by the Great East Japan earthquake, the subsequent tsunami, and the nuclear crisis. The women participating were asked to document their experiences through digital cameras in order to share their perspective on disaster relief. Yoshihama’s goal for this project is to provide a space for the overlooked voices and create opportunities for advocacy and policy change.