A Framework for Ancillary Health Services Provided by Refugee and Immigrant-Run CBOs: Language Assistance, Systems Navigation, and Hands-on Support. Journal of Community Medicine and Health Education.

Gonzalez Benson, O., Pimentel-Walker, A.P., Yoshihama, M., Burnett, C. & Asadi, L. (2019).

This manuscript builds upon a model for primary health care services for refugee and immigrant communities by advancing a specific framework for understanding three types of ancillary services: language assistance, systems navigation support, and hands-on support, provided by refugee-and immigrant-run community-based organizations (RI-CBOs). Drawing on surveys and interviews with 16 RI-CBOs about health-care-related activities in Grand Rapids, Michigan, findings indicate that RI-CBOs are in a unique position to effectively liaise between the client and health care professional and to improve health education literacy.