Bader AlBader

Bader AlBader is a doctoral candidate in architecture at the University of Michigan.

His research examines spaces and institutions of higher education and the ways in which they contribute to the development of cities and states, particularly in the Arab World. Bader is also interested in issues of multilingualism, transregionalism, and translation, especially as they relate to academic production. The most recent conference he has organized is ‘Utopia vs. the City.’


American Association of Geographers (AAG) Annual Meeting 2020 – The Spatial Politics of Governance, Representation, and Migration. At a Loss at the Loss at Sea: The Missing Migrants of the Mediterranean and the (Bermuda) Triangle of Space, Communication, and Justice. Bader AlBader (presenter), University of Michigan, Odessa Gonzalez Benson, University of Michigan, Vadim Besprozvany, University of Michigan, Antonio Siciliano, University of Michigan, Elena Godin, University of Michigan, Imed Soltani, Association La Terre Pour Tous.